The Studio in Staithes, North Yorkshire.

In my work with found objects, I surround myself with my collection  and wait for the perfect, complementary object or fragment and begin to build my assemblage when I find it.   The assemblages almost 'grow' and realise themselves.      Have a look at my Assemblage and Sculpture Gallery.

We are lucky to have such a great and inspiring view from the window.

Staithes is a beautiful yet down to earth seaside village in North Yorkshire.  It has a reputation for being a haunt of artists because of the amazing light. It was home to the Staithes Group, sometimes known as the Northern Impressionists, which included Harold and Dame Laura Knight.  These artists were inspired by the French 'plein air' movement as were artists in other  colonies such as Newlyn and St Ives.  The artists had been visiting Staithes to paint and draw  and finally began to settle there in the 1890's.  I am now finding myself drawn more and more to drawing and painting around Staithes as well as collecting from the shore.

Today there are a number of artists working in and around Staithes.  Some of their work can be seen in the impressive local gallery.