A passion for found objects

Blackpool born, Chris's passion for beach-combing has persisted throughout her life leading on to  more recent assemblages and artworks using bones and found objects.  The beaches of the Yorkshire and Lancashire coasts and the river Thames are vast repositories of source material to be sifted and collated  and later transformed into assemblages.

She takes us on a thought provoking exploration of the discarded, such as  bones, oxidized metal, pottery and glass fragments, textiles,  old jewellery, shells and eggshells.   A  fragment of bone can become an icon, a jewel, a miniature landscape,  a sculpture or an essay in colour and texture. 

Chris is a full time artist . She makes assemblages and installations but her work also encompasses  printmaking,  painting and drawing.

Chris and her husband Paul have  studios  at their home in  Luddenden,  near Hebden Bridge,  Staithes on the Yorkshire coast and their main working studio at Asquith Bottom Mill in Sowerby Bridge, Unit E, Floor 3.

"My work with found objects feels as though it is rooted at a very deep level.  The process is very important , powerful  and satisfying. 

  When foraging for lost objects on the riverbank and seashore I am  conscious  of their historical connections .  Some of the things that I find, particularly bones, demand respect.  They need to be celebrated in some way, and the constructions may come to resemble a memorial  or reliquary.

 I have been collecting in this way for some time now.  It all began with found pieces  of pottery on a beach.  These remnants of people's lives fired my imagination.

My latest body of work (in progress), involves the creation of 'Icons' based on traditional Byzantine and Greek Icons, but using junk combined with gilding etc."

Slowly but surely painting is becoming an integral part of my practice.  I am enjoying painting in oils, acrylics and water-colours, especially since our residency in Shetland.

My work with found objects continues but in a lesser way as my collaborative work with Paul Czainski increases.  We find ourselves more involved in working together on film, performance and collaborative painting.